Ready to take classes at The Bridge Yoga?

First, you need to register and create a profile at Wellness Living. Click HERE to access the site. Click HERE to get the Wellness Living ACHIEVE APP.

After you set up your profile, choose the membership option that’s best for you!

Membership Rates

The Founding 108 – $80/month
(w/discounts for 6 months or annual passes)

Drop-in class – $15

Intro Deal – $10 for 10 days

10 class pass – $135

Unlimited VIRTUAL Yoga
(Same Household Virtual – $55/month)

108 is an important number in the yoga world (and nature, and math, and in so many other places, as well). But as the founder of The Bridge Yoga, I want to explain why 108 is symbolic for me, personally.

Meditation is a big part of my daily life, but let me be clear that “meditation” does not always mean I am sitting on a cushion in the dark with my eyes closed chanting. So guess what that means? There is not  one “right” way to meditate; the only “right thing” is that WE, as human beings, NEED TO MEDITATE.

But why?

Because we are HUMAN BEINGS, not human DOINGS, and all meditation really does is SLOW US down and bring us to the PRESENT moment. It’s not a time to relax or sleep or tell God all the stuff you need right now; it’s a TIME TO BE. 

It does not matter what faith you follow (or if you don’t follow one at all). Meditation, I believe, is something our spirits (and honestly, our minds and bodies, too) CRAVE!

So why 108?
I meditate often with my Mala beads. Sometimes I hold them in my hand and touch each of the 108 beads one at a time, repeating the mantra/affirmation that I am sitting with in that moment. 

And then I wear that Mala bracelet every single day so that each time I look at my wrist, I am reminded of the mantra that I am holding onto in that moment. And it reminds me to PAUSE, REFLECT, and REFOCUS.

I want to have 108 founding members of The Bridge Yoga. 108 founding members who want to be part of a studio that helps them to pause, reflect, and refocus each time they step onto their mats with us. Yes, we will work our physical bodies, but even more importantly, we will be intentional in the way we take care of our hearts, our minds, and our spirits.

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