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Sunday, Aug. 22, 9:00PM

SAUCHA- "I purify my mind to become less cluttered & less heavy."

Tuesday, Aug. 24, 7:00AM

Less clutter in my mind helps bring me to the present moment.

Wednesday, Aug. 25, 9:00PM

SAUCHA helps me find the abundant energy within me.

Thursday, Aug. 26, 7:00AM

Purification is a way to lighten my load.

Saturday, Aug. 28, 7:30AM

SAUCHA (purity) helps me to reconcile with the present moment.

Sunday, Aug. 29, 9:00PM

SAUCHA (purity) helps me to NOT feel like I have to hide who I am.

Tuesday, Aug. 31, 7:00AM

SAUCHA is like each day's sunrise...bringing a clean slate.

Wednesday, Sept. 1, 9:00PM

SAUCHA (purity) helps my body feel more alive, my mind feel more clear, and my heart feel more compassionate.

Thursday, Sept. 2, 5:45AM

SANTOSHA (contentment) helps me find my CALM center.

Saturday, Sept. 4, 7:30AM

SANTOSHA (contentment) asks us to have gratitude for what we DO have.

Sunday, Sept. 5, 9:00PM

Instead of always getting ready for the next thing, SANTOSHA helps us see the value of the present.

Tuesday, Sept. 7, 7:00AM

Are you getting ready to live or are you LIVING?

Wednesday, Sept. 8, 9:00PM

I am taking a step toward NOT expecting the world to provide me with happiness.

Thursday, Sept 9, 5:45AM

Looking outward, I often find disappointment. Looking inward, I can always find contentment.

Saturday, Sept. 11, 7:30AM

When it rains, I let it. And that is when I find real contentment.

Sunday, Sept. 12, 9:00PM

I am choosing to FALL IN LOVE with my life.

Tuesday, Sept. 14, 7:00AM

Personal growth takes a little fire...a little discomfort. But it's worth it.

Wednesday, Sept. 15, 9:00PM

What challenge(s) are getting in the way of our growth?

Thursday, Sept. 16, 5:45AM

Tapas reminds us that there are resources WITHIN us to navigate life's challenges.

Saturday, Sept. 18, 7:30AM

Breathing in, I see the possibilities of my
personal growth.

Sunday, Sept. 19, 9:00PM

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