Classes at The Bridge Yoga

YIN YOGA is a deep stretch class, focused on the myofascial tissue around your joints, designed to not only help your physical body find flexibility, but to help your mental & spiritual parts find flexibility as well! Comfy clothes & props are what make this class amazing! (all levels)
Sun. @745am & Fri. @9am

SUNRISE FLOW is a Vinyasa Flow class for all levels, designed to start your day off with an inward focus on
PEACE, CALM, & BALANCE. We build core strength while we build belief in our own internal power! (all levels)
M-T-W-F @545am

RESTORATIVE YOGA is a delicious, relaxation experience that calms down our nervous system and prepares us for the week ahead. Props, comfy clothes, and a relaxed and safe environment make this class accessible for all students. (all levels)
Sun. @8pm

GENTLE YOGA is a class focused on the foundational poses and movements in yoga. We emphasize stretching and breathing which makes this class accessible for all levels, including beginners & those recovering from injuries. (all levels)
Sun @145pm
Tues. & Thurs. @130pm
Wed. @430pm

CHAIR YOGA is a gentle practice in which postures, movements, and breathing exercises are performed while seated & standing using the aid of a chair. This is a great form of yoga for beginners, for those with physical disabilities, or anyone who needs a gentle practice.  (all levels)
Mon. @10:30am

ASHTANGA is a very traditional yoga class that involves synchronized breath & movement using a set sequence that produces heat and detoxifies the body. (all levels)
Sun. @12noon (75 min)
& Thurs. @6pm (60 min)

VINYASA FLOW is a class that incorporates challenging & fun sequences to improve overall core strength, flexibility and balance with focus on the breath.
Mon. @6pm (level 2)
Sun @630pm (all levels)
Wed. @9am (all levels)

YOGA BARRE incorporates Pilates, ballet moves, and yoga in a balanced workout that helps to build overall muscle definition, strength, and flexibility in fun and non-intimidating manner. Balls, bands, and chairs will be used in this class.
(all levels)
Wed. @10:30am

FOUNDATION FLOW is a slow and accessible Vinyasa flow class designed with the NEW yogi in mind. It’s also great for the experienced yogi who wants to focus on form, flexibility, and refinement of their practice. (level 1)
Mon. @730pm &
Thurs. @730pm

YOGA FOR MENTAL HEALTH will begin with a short grounding meditation that will help center your mind and body, followed by an all-level flow. This class is designed to calm the nervous system and help you find balance on and off the mat. This class is ideal for anyone who struggles with anxiety, depression and all other mental health ailments.(all levels)
Tues. @730pm &
Sat. @11am

YOGA FUSION blends yoga poses and other disciplines to help increase core strength, vitality, stamina, and flexibility while cultivating a balanced mind & body. (all levels)
Mon. @9am &
Tues. @6pm

HATHA YOGA provides the framework for all other yoga classes. We focus on breath work & the more “static” foundational asana (postures), which is a great place for beginners to learn proper form & alignment. Experienced yogis can deepen their understanding of the anatomical considerations within their practice.
Mon. @430pm (all levels)

CORE HAPPINESS- LUNCHTIME YOGA is a great way to take care of yourself DURING the work day! It’s just 45 minutes in length and while it WILL bring some good movement to your body, it won’t leave you too sweaty to go back to work. We will breathe, refocus our day, and find some peace together on the mat!
Thurs. @12:15pm (all levels)

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