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Vinyasa (includes Sunrise & Power)

Vinyasa classes are flow classes that cultivate balance, stability, flexibility, and vigor. All movements are smoothly flowing and can be almost dance-like. Classes consists of a series of poses that will teach you to coordinate with the flow of your breath. Breath awareness and coordination are carried throughout the practice as the asana ebbs and flows between effort and ease. Intensity levels & personal style varies by each unique Bridge teacher. Classes are still accessible to all levels as the instructors offer cues to extend as well as cues to modify. 


Hatha yoga will provide you with a well rounded yoga experience including postures, breath work, and meditation. This class provides a combination of postures coordinated with the breath, performed at a somewhat gentler pace which allows time to be present in each pose. This class gently stretches and move the body in a relaxed, supported way. Poses are often held for several full cycles of breath, allowing yogis to really connect with each pose, while exploring its physical and mental challenges and benefits. Classes focus on releasing tension, connecting with the breath and helping students gain strength and flexibility.

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Yin yoga is a deeply relaxing practice that targets the joints and inter-connective myofascial tissues of the body to restore range of motion and flexibility while relieving pain and chronic tension throughout the body.  This practice complements any active yoga practice or exercise routine. Our philosophy in teaching Yin is that when our joints and muscles find release, so does our mind our spirit. Grumpy hips make for grumpy spirits, and yin can help with both! 

Restorative YOGA

Restorative yoga is a very relaxed practice which utilizes props to support, open, and create ease in the body. A totally rejuvenating practice comprised of supported postures which are held for longer periods of time to allow for deep relaxation of the nervous system, allowing harmony to return between the mind, body, and spirit. This class is designed for all levels and may include breath work, guided meditations, and an extended savasana.

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Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a mindful, compassionate, slower paced yoga class that emphasizes peace and calmness of body and mind. Poses are held for a little longer period of time and incorporate several different yoga props (including the chair) as a way to teach principles of proper physical and energetic alignment. This means that you can plan on taking several rounds of breath in each pose, instead of moving after each breath. Gentle Yoga is a great place to start if you are new to yoga, as well as for those that may struggle with balance or mobility.

Stretch & Flow

Too often we try and transition straight from the busy work day into our life at home, realizing that we have brought work home with us. This class can serve as the perfect transition between the work day and your home life. Lots of props and alignment cues will be used so that no matter your experience level, you get the tools YOU need for resetting the mind and the spirit and the body as work ends personal time starts!  

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This is a great blend of yoga meets pilates, designed to strengthen your core and increase your flexibility. Lots of different props are used to enhance your experience, plus the music is a bit more contemporary and fun than in a traditional yoga class. 


30 minutes of stationary Vinyasa-inspired postures plus 30 minutes of deep myofascial stretching equals Vin Yin. It’s the best of both worlds! We work the core, strengthen the legs, and discover our balance and then we slow it down and move down to the mat to start that deep, yummy stretching.

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This is a class for to get your week started off right- good company, good energy, good times. We play 70s throwback music and just have a really fun time warming up the body for the week’s activities. And, the main focus is being GRATEFUL for time on our mats on a Sunday morning! 


Modeled after Pattabhi Jois & Krishnamacharya’s Ashtanga yoga sequence, this vigorous and flowing class involves synchronizing breath with progressive and continuous postures, which produces internal heat while detoxifying the body. It is a beautiful sequence that allows you to actually see the progress your body is making each time you show up on the mat. 

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Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Are you healing from trauma or looking to overcome a substance abuse issue? This trauma-informed series is designed to help support your mental health and give you the space you need to heal your mind through the body. We explore mindful practices, somatic holds, asana, meditation, and energy techniques to restore your spirit. 

Kids’ Yoga is for ages PreK-6th grade. This weekly class is  a SUPER FUN time where we introduce our kids to “all things yoga”. We breathe, we move our bodies, we learn about Asana, and we talk about how powerful our individual vibrations are in the world!  This class is free for Bridge members, but there is fee of $10 per family for non-members.

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yoga nidra

“Yogic Sleep”
This class is a full Relaxation Reset for your nervous system. We will utilize Body Scans, extended resting postures, and compassionate cueing.

The perfect beginner class – or class for experienced practitioners who want more cues and a slower pace. All abilities are welcome.

Please contact us with questions about our class styles and offerings. If you’re ready to go, sign up for class here!

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