The Bridge Yoga

The Bridge yoga

About Our Studio

Serving the Bryan/College Station community

Founded in 2021 by Dr. Kelli Sammis, AKA The Yogi MoMo. Our physical location is at the point where Bryan TX and College Station TX meet, so that both communities can easily access our classes, workshops, & the SANGHA (yoga community) that we are creating. Our promise is to provide accessible and inclusive yoga for all! We can’t wait to welcome you to our sangha and build a more peaceful world together.

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The Essence Of THE Bridge Yoga

Connecting Mind - Body - Spirit

ANAHATA – The heart chakra – serves as a BRIDGE in our bodies, connecting our physical energies with our emotional and mental energies. 

THE BRIDGE YOGA is committed to serving as that same type of bridge for each of you, helping all of us develop our mind-body-spirit connections.

Start with the body– your mind and heart follow. Start with the mind– the body and heart follow. We all seek connections and harmony each time we find our way to the studio and onto our mats.

Our Instructors

The Life of Our Studio

Our Instructors are not only qualified, but they are as fun and varied as the diverse types of yoga styles they all teach. They bring their passion for the community and for yoga to every class. We are grateful to have educated staff members that lead trainings and host special events. Most instructors are also available for private sessions or special events. Give us a call and find an instructor that’s right for you!

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