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Health & Healing Through Yoga therapy

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What is therapeutic yoga?

Therapeutic yoga is a specialized form of yoga that fuses yoga principles and techniques into healing efforts, management of medical conditions, and support of overall well-being. It offers traditional yoga practices through a therapeutic approach to address specific physical, emotional, or mental health concerns of a student.

Therapeutic yoga values individualization. Our qualified yoga therapists will assess a person’s unique needs and limitations, and design a personalized practice addressing those specific needs. This tailored approach ensures that the yoga practice is safe and effective for the individual’s condition.

explore therapeutic yoga through our health & healing series

*Guests on the 30 days for $30 pass are not eligible for this series. Please purchase a drop-in class.

Jay & Donnalee of Therapeutic Yoga

Meet your instructors

Donnalee Dox and Jay Walton have been on the path of yoga for the past 15 and
30 years, respectively; and, Jay has been teaching yoga for more than 25 years. Their
500 RYT certifications from Yoga Alliance are comprised of a 200-hour YTT in Anusara
Yoga in Austin, followed by a 300-hour advanced YTT in Pralaya Yoga in Houston. At
the Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, MA they completed a 300-hour Foundations of Yoga
Therapy course to become a certified Yoga Therapy Teacher, and they expect to
complete their full 800-hour Yoga Therapy training program by Spring 2024 to become
registered Yoga Therapists. They also completed a 200-hour course in Foundations of
Āyurveda at Kripalu.

Jay and Donnalee team-teach so their sessions offer opportunities for individual instruction and guidance. Their teaching philosophy takes inspiration from Ayurveda (the indigenous health system of the Indian subcontinent), Yoga Therapy (which places an emphasis on each individual student’s goals and capabilities), and the philosophies that shaped Yoga in India. They approach yoga as “knowledge for longevity” where longevity does not mean simply living longer but maintaining healthy body, mind and spirit indefinitely.

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