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January 2, 2022

LIGHT - Because of the LIGHT within us, we can see light in the things around us.

January 4, 2022

POSSIBILITY- Don't search among the branches for what only appears in the roots. (Rumi)

January 5, 2022

WONDER- When was the last time you looked on the little things around you with wonder?

January 6, 2022

COURAGE- Accepting our WHOLE story is the bravest thing we can do!

January 8, 2022

DISCERNMENT- are you a prisoner of your past or a pioneer of your future?

January 9, 2022

BALANCE- bringing balance into my life is a step toward healing the world

January 11, 2022

HARMONY - in what I say, what I do, and what I think

January 12, 2022

RELEASE... like a leaf falling from a tree, I let go.

January 13, 2022

GRACE - the face of how I want to see myself

January 15, 2022

CHOICE - I choose to be in this present moment

January 16, 2022


January 18, 2022


Bridge Yoga
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